From childhood star to Broadway, this German man from Bavaria teaches Rabbis the art of singing. These cantors all agree that through their connection to Johannes, they have stepped up a class: a typical New York story. (Stern)


Kutluk Oktay M.D., a Turkish specialist internationally recognized in the fields of reproductive endocrinology and infertility, has made a musical contribution to an album dedicated to world peace, masterminded by fellow academics  Tessa Lang and Johann Schwaiger. (Daily News)

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Tessa does a lot of laryngeal work. Her work is very hands on and it’s been a really wonderful thing.  She’s helping me breathe so I can get the breath I’ve been missing for all these years. Working with Tessa on the physical aspect was sort of the missing piece of the puzzle. Laura Benanti (Opera News)

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After listening to “Dreamgates: World Lullabies” I think it will soothe parents even more than their little ones. Husband and wife team Tessa Lang and Johannes Schwaiger have beautiful voices, whether singing a comforting classic like Schubert’s “Cradle Song,” a gorgeous “Ava Maria” or the old world sounding “Weber Wiegenlied.”

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