Dreamgates Children’s Movement leverages the basic principle that the universal nature of music can be used to foster unity and peace among children.

Recognizing the need to instill communication and compassion from a young age, we emphasize teaching methods which address the importance of vocal production for safe and effective self expression.

Through performing arts events and educational programs, we are advocates for children from every socioeconomic background, teaching them the fundamental skills needed to:

  • Free their creative spirit
  • Develop an understanding and acceptance of cross-cultural differences
  • Express themselves confidently
  • Foster an appreciation of the arts
  • Embrace individuality
  • Transcend diversity
  • Nurture a culture of nonviolence and peace through effective communication.

Dreamgates Children’s Movement utilizes the artistic journey of developing one’s voice as a vehicle to instill self-esteem, strengthen personal development and cultivate empathy and acceptance. Beyond our impact on children and youth; there is more.

Physical integration of the breath can benefit each of us. To date, we have worked with emerging artists, social workers, speech pathologists and entrepreneurs.

Dreamgates Children’s Movement is a New York 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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